WordPress vs Joomla vs Wix

We are in the second part of the article titled “Why WordPress?” In this article I will prepare information that will help you to choose between WordPress, Joomla and WiX. In my previous article I talked about the blogger and its content management system in a primitive and basic context.
Let’s now reduce our writing to basic headings and talk about the general features of these systems and what they do with the main headings. And then let us leave your precious friends.


WordPress is one of the most used php based content management systems on the internet. Its extensive and open source code makes this platform adaptable to many projects you want. It is not just a personal blog or ordinary system that you can keep diary, but a system that you can manage completely interactively and integrate into many projects in your mind. You can quickly set up e-commerce, news, survey, advertising, banking, portfolio and more with a few add-ons and themes.

After you upload the files to your server, installation takes less than a minute and is simple. It contains thousands of free themes and tens of thousands of free add-ons, and anyone who wants can develop WordPress, themes and plug-ins. You are free to make any changes you wish to all the source code of WordPress on your server.

Mr. Google likes this system. The pages load very fast according to the theme you use. In terms of Seo, you are 1-0 ahead of other content management systems. Adding, editing, and managing content is simple and convenient.


Joomla is also one of the most used content management systems on the internet. Although not as popular as WordPress, it is preferred by many web designers. Joomla is also open source and can be adapted to many projects you want. It’s not as WordPress but it has a lot of add-ons and themes.

The installation is also very simple and you can get used to it with little experience. As a matter of fact, I did not use Joomla because, I did meet my first WordPress and I did like the use and development. In the future, I can set up some of my projects on the joomla and give you more detailed ideas.

I did not mention it in the title, but there is a Drupal that can not be ignored. Although not as popular as WordPress in general, it is still a quality content management system. If you want to make a choice other than WordPress or Joomla, you can also add the drupal content management system to the list.


Finally, there is a wix management system. There is no need for coding in this system, which is prepared by a few Israeli web developers. Even if you know it, you are not allowed to change the codes anyway. You’re preparing your site like some kind of jigsaw puzzle.

You can choose from a lot of ready-made themes and templates and quickly prepare your site. But switching between the themes can cause your site to recur.

It is not free. First of all, friends who think they are free may come across a vicious website. You may want money from you in many processes you want to do. Or you can be regularly included in the paid membership system.

If you need to make a choice free and assuming you do not know the encoding, BlogSpot will do more for your business.

This is what I’m telling you, it will be useful to you to make your choice. You can ask questions that you have in mind and what you are curious about by commenting or by contacting me at the communication section.

stay healthy.

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