Open a personal and free website

Hello to everyone,

I will provide you with some basic information about setting up a personal website. After reading this article in detail and applying it, you can create a website with your own domain in a short time. Since I am publishing my blog posts to more than 10 countries in 3 different languages, I will explain these stages through international organizations. At the end of the article, I will list various organizations that offer free domains and hosting services. You can choose one of these companies if you want.

You must first decide your domain name. You are now visiting I prefer the .com domain to be more professional than the extensions. I will talk about a service that provides extension of In the following days I will mention Goddady, the domain name service that has paid and lots of options. Stay on track for this.

If you are going to set up a website for the first time, I suggest you reinforce the issues with a free domain name and hosting service. This will help you improve your development, decision-making ability and better paid future domain name and hosting.

For the free domain name, visit

Continue to the Plans and Pricing tab.

Continue with the free start category and fill in the required information on the screen. This process consists of 4 steps.

When completing the information in step 2, you will specify the domain name of your website. You must select the part of the extension.

Let’s continue by selecting our domain name and enter basic information such as email address and password. Let us make sure that you entered your e-mail address correctly and click on the verification link to our mail address to complete our membership.

Congratulations if you have completed the steps completely. You have now created a website of It will direct you to the admin panel directly and will make a variety of referrals about your site. These steps will completely determine the relevant design and features of your site. Here is an image from that page:

Now you can use your site as you wish. Now I’m going to list the organizations that provide free website services. If you’d like to choose one of these sites, you can set up a free website or personal blog for yourself.


WordPress vs Joomla vs Wix

We are in the second part of the article titled “Why WordPress?” In this article I will prepare information that will help you to choose between WordPress, Joomla and WiX. In my previous article I talked about the blogger and its content management system in a primitive and basic context.
Let’s now reduce our writing to basic headings and talk about the general features of these systems and what they do with the main headings. And then let us leave your precious friends.


WordPress is one of the most used php based content management systems on the internet. Its extensive and open source code makes this platform adaptable to many projects you want. It is not just a personal blog or ordinary system that you can keep diary, but a system that you can manage completely interactively and integrate into many projects in your mind. You can quickly set up e-commerce, news, survey, advertising, banking, portfolio and more with a few add-ons and themes.

After you upload the files to your server, installation takes less than a minute and is simple. It contains thousands of free themes and tens of thousands of free add-ons, and anyone who wants can develop WordPress, themes and plug-ins. You are free to make any changes you wish to all the source code of WordPress on your server.

Mr. Google likes this system. The pages load very fast according to the theme you use. In terms of Seo, you are 1-0 ahead of other content management systems. Adding, editing, and managing content is simple and convenient.


Joomla is also one of the most used content management systems on the internet. Although not as popular as WordPress, it is preferred by many web designers. Joomla is also open source and can be adapted to many projects you want. It’s not as WordPress but it has a lot of add-ons and themes.

The installation is also very simple and you can get used to it with little experience. As a matter of fact, I did not use Joomla because, I did meet my first WordPress and I did like the use and development. In the future, I can set up some of my projects on the joomla and give you more detailed ideas.

I did not mention it in the title, but there is a Drupal that can not be ignored. Although not as popular as WordPress in general, it is still a quality content management system. If you want to make a choice other than WordPress or Joomla, you can also add the drupal content management system to the list.


Finally, there is a wix management system. There is no need for coding in this system, which is prepared by a few Israeli web developers. Even if you know it, you are not allowed to change the codes anyway. You’re preparing your site like some kind of jigsaw puzzle.

You can choose from a lot of ready-made themes and templates and quickly prepare your site. But switching between the themes can cause your site to recur.

It is not free. First of all, friends who think they are free may come across a vicious website. You may want money from you in many processes you want to do. Or you can be regularly included in the paid membership system.

If you need to make a choice free and assuming you do not know the encoding, BlogSpot will do more for your business.

This is what I’m telling you, it will be useful to you to make your choice. You can ask questions that you have in mind and what you are curious about by commenting or by contacting me at the communication section.

stay healthy.

Why WordPress?

Hello friends.

In this article, some of my friends say, “Why are you using WordPress?” we will look for answers. First we will compare WordPress with many other content management systems and options such as typing in their own system. Basically, we will have information about WordPress and other content systems at the end of the article, including a friend who knows nothing.

Let’s start with the comparison I can include briefly my own self-experiences.

 At the moment I can write and manage my own content management system ie personal blog system from scratch. In fact, it has nothing to do with experience. This choice is entirely time and safety.

When I first met with internet programming and design, I prepared a lot of scripts and I had the opportunity to experiment. I was able to produce successful projects. But I felt a little stunned at the time factor and ease of use that was important. I thought why I was trying to write my own system while there were already systems. After all, most of these systems are free and easy to use. A WordPress, Joomla, blogger, wix even do not make it easy.

It takes a really long time to deal with the code, the algorithm, the security and the various elements. It would be unreasonable to spend so much time on the website that I would only create identity on the internet and inform the portfolio. I thought it would be more logical to distinguish the remaining time after, which I created quickly, into the project in my mind. That’s why I went into a search for a system that I could find ready to play on. I also recommend to you; first to decide what to do and later to continue in your way. Do not waste your time on your personal blog. Focus on your actual projects and the work you do.

Now let’s look at the differences between content management systems. Bu sistemler çok fazla olduğu için, şimdilik en popüler olanlardan birkaçını karşılaştıracağım. These are WordPress, Joomla, blogger, wix and some mini scripts that circulate on the internet.

The subject is basically based on “What is the system that will benefit our business?” We need an answer to your question. Depending on your wishes, many social networking sites can see your business. Tumblr, youtube, instagram, vkontakte, twitter or facebook. You can find your friends and reach a crowd by sharing certain sections from your life. If your goal is material expectation, you can predict the gains of present-day phenomenal friends more or less. If you’re good at specific issues and you’ve come up with zero experience, you might be able to get started using social networks.
When we come to personal blog or content management systems; In these systems, we can think of the wider range of social networks. In social networks, restrictions, security and controls are handled by site administrators and you are just one member or user. Control in content management systems is entirely or partially in your hands in some cases. Now we can go into the details of content management systems.

First of all, you can find a lot of ready-made systems by making a search for “personal blog script” on internet search engines. Or you can find simple personal scripts that people create on some pages of your forums. If you are not experienced in programming and design, this will not work for you. Assuming that your experience is what you are talking about, demo scripts can leave you untouched, newly created, add-ons and modules are vicious, you can not do the controls and security systems exactly. If you regret to go through a different script, you could lose your data, be badly affected by the search engines, and give your users losses. So I advise you not to keep these scripts on your servers as well. You can use these types of systems only when you are a student or when you are at a new learning stage. On the other hand, it is also beneficial to go to open source content management systems in all cases.

In the second stage, I will talk about the Blogger app that the google search engine bought in 2003. In this system you can basically for free, you can create your personal blog. 

With simple settings, you can “” or hundreds of domain names to your system.

In the Blogger system, the software does not fully interoperate with the code and you can not get it in your servers. You can choose your theme from Blogger’s own options and interfere with HTML code only. With attachments it is possible to bring your site into a lot of situations. If the plugin you are looking for is not available, you in google may need to do some research and write it yourself. I suggest this system for simple users like work places that only keep logs, fixed certain shares, only a few pages introductory pages.

I’m taking a break here because I think the writing is too long. You can give it a short coffee break so you will not get bored, in the next article I will talk about the differences between WordPress, Joomla and Wix, which are the most popular right now, and which will work best for you.

Stay healthy.