About me


My name is Özkan Taş. I came to the world in 1992 in Kocaeli. I am still living here. I finished in primary school Derince. I graduated from high school in Kartepe and later from University in Kocaeli.

I like to travel, read, write and participate in different social activities. I believe that the teacher has no age or time. I will share my experience and experience with you on my ozkantas.com blog page with your valuable visit.

I met technology at a very early age. I have developed myself to a certain level in many programming and design languages. In the light of this information, I have set out to project my own projects and develop new applications for people.

In the portfolio section of the web site you can follow the projects I have developed and contribute to.

You can communicate with me from the communication section or from my social accounts to get the question marks in your mind.
Stay with respect and love.