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Hello to everyone,

I will provide you with some basic information about setting up a personal website. After reading this article in detail and applying it, you can create a website with your own domain in a short time. Since I am publishing my blog posts to more than 10 countries in 3 different languages, I will explain these stages through international organizations. At the end of the article, I will list various organizations that offer free domains and hosting services. You can choose one of these companies if you want.

You must first decide your domain name. You are now visiting I prefer the .com domain to be more professional than the extensions. I will talk about a service that provides extension of In the following days I will mention Goddady, the domain name service that has paid and lots of options. Stay on track for this.

If you are going to set up a website for the first time, I suggest you reinforce the issues with a free domain name and hosting service. This will help you improve your development, decision-making ability and better paid future domain name and hosting.

For the free domain name, visit

Continue to the Plans and Pricing tab.

Continue with the free start category and fill in the required information on the screen. This process consists of 4 steps.

When completing the information in step 2, you will specify the domain name of your website. You must select the part of the extension.

Let’s continue by selecting our domain name and enter basic information such as email address and password. Let us make sure that you entered your e-mail address correctly and click on the verification link to our mail address to complete our membership.

Congratulations if you have completed the steps completely. You have now created a website of It will direct you to the admin panel directly and will make a variety of referrals about your site. These steps will completely determine the relevant design and features of your site. Here is an image from that page:

Now you can use your site as you wish. Now I’m going to list the organizations that provide free website services. If you’d like to choose one of these sites, you can set up a free website or personal blog for yourself.


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